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Program FilesToFTP transfers files from some folder of the computer to FTP-server. These files can be created by user or some program.

The folder name and parameters of FTP-server are defined in configuration file.
The program monitors files appearance and removal in the controlled folder. New files are transferred to FTP-server.


The top part of the program window contains panel with the following items:
--- Transfer indicator for FTP. It has light green color if file transfer was successful. It has magenta color if file transfer failed.
--- The button Archive. By this button all files transferred to FTP-server are packed to single archive-file with the name containing the current date and time. Then these files are removed from the controlled folder. Finally, the events protocol is cleared.
--- The button Unpack. By this button you select archive file in Open file dialog to unpack it to folder. The folder name is the same as archive file name.
--- The button Test file. This button creates test file in the controlled folder. The file name consists of the current date and time.

The left part of the program window contains the events protocol. Width of protocol list is changed by the mouse.

Protocol lines contain the following information: the current date/time, event type in square brackets, additional information depending on the event type.
There are the following event types in the current version of the program:
[Start] – time of the program start.
[Stop] – time of the program exit.
[File] – new file in the controlled folder. Protocol line contains file name.
[FTP] – file was successfully transferred to FTP-server. Protocol line contains file name.

The right part of the program window contains list of files waiting for FTP transfer. If new file appears in the folder then the program tries to transfer it to FTP-server. If transfer was failed then the program makes attempts each 10 seconds.

The list Lost files contains files which were created in the controlled folder but by some reason were removed (or renamed) before they were transferred to FTP-server. Names of such files are present in the events protocol but they are absent in the folder.
If a lost file will appear in the folder again, then this fact will not be marked in the events protocol. But it will be removed from the list of lost files and added to the list of files waiting for FTP transfer. It is assumed that all files coming to the controlled folder have unique names. Otherwise the program logic will be complicated.

If the program FilesToFTP is launched after the addition new files to the controlled folder then it generates first the event [Start], and then events [File] will be generated for each new file.

The events protocol is stored in file FilesToFTP.protocol.

Program options.

File FilesToFTP.ini stores the program state: sizes and positions of program windows, the current values of different parameters.
Text file FilesToFTP.ini consists of sections. You can edit it with text editor Notepad.
The file has the following structure:

[Main] – main window of the program.
Window – Size and position of the main window.
Splitter1 – position of the splitter between events protocol and right part of the main window.
DataFolder - the controlled folder. You can define folder name relative to FilesToFTP.exe (for example, DataFolder = Files\ ).

[FTP] – parameters of FTP-server.
Host – address of ftp-server;
Username – user name;
Password – password.
Folder – folder in FTP-server.


DataFolder= Files\

Host =
Username = user1
Password = pwd-777
Folder = /data/test

Download: FilesToFTP 1.0
This software is freeware.
Requests for source code (price is $25) by e-mail.




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